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PIB Compound Masterbatch

PIB Masterbatch

Cling Mastrebatch

PIB Cling Masterbatch, also known as PIB Compound PB-60 / PB -66, is a specialized material in the form of free-flowing and easy-to-load granules. It is designed for the production of PE (Polyethylene) Stretch Film. PB-60 / PB-66 consists of a polymer-based compound containing PIB (Poly Iso Butene), Non-Slip Polyethylene, and a unique Dispersing Agent.

This PIB Masterbatch or PIB Compound PB-60 / PB-66 is primarily utilized in the manufacturing of LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) and LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Self-Adhesive Stretch Cling Films. These films can be produced using either the Blown Film or Cast Film Line processes. The inclusion of PIB, Non-Slip Polyethylene, and the Dispersing Agent enhances the properties of the stretch film, making it more effective for applications that require adhesion and secure wrapping.

In summary, PIB Cling Masterbatch or PIB Compound PB-60 / PB-66 is a convenient-to-use granular material used in the production of self-adhesive stretch cling films made from LLDPE or LDPE. Its composition of PIB, Non-Slip Polyethylene, and a Dispersing Agent contributes to the film’s cling and stretching capabilities, making it suitable for various packaging and wrapping needs in both Blown Film and Cast Film Line production processes.


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